The House of Murgatroyd

"Once in a while we come across a theatre presentation out of the ordinary and only a Festival is able to expose it.  Full marks then for the Harrogate G&S Festival for having provided the facility to stage this extraordinary event.  The performance was slick, the interpretation fresh and the amusing situations were visually clever." -Seen and Heard International (UK)

"It was funny, fast moving and condensed the dialogue to only those scenes that advance the plot, and Ken Urso has to be congratulated for his inventive production. To have used the properties to provide imaginary yet convincing settings for Reddering, on board a boat, a graveyard and a haunted picture gallery was theatre art at its best.  Seeing another Ruddigore will never be the same again."
Seen and Heard International (UK)

"Credit the actors and director Ken Urso for figuring out a way to convey the melodramatic style without losing touch with contemporary audiences and their "refined" palates. If you are familiar with the dialogue, you know that there are portions that launch into exposition of the story.  This cast frames those moments with a sort of Tim Burton-style Greek Chorus behind the speaker, then instantly returns to their characters when the exposition is concluded." - Savoynet

"I'll say it again- it was the excellence of the characterizations and the relative smoothness of the delivery that tells me that this particular cast will be able to make a go at the production for some time." 


Mamma Mia!

"MAMMA MIA! has been entertaining audiences around the world since its debut in 1999. It has received award after award for all of its richness in the storyline, the various actors who have been a part of it, the costumers, the set designers, the lighting people, the directors, the producers and many others who have received accolades for the stunning productions that have popped up all over the world. But, San Antonio recently saw the opening night of this fantastic show at The Public Theater directed by Ken Urso who proved his directing abilities were unmatched." -Broadway World

"The Public Theater's production of MAMMA MIA! is stunning and shows the professionalism of the cast and crew involved. The stage, although simple, helps to set the mood for the show and the transitions between scenes is seamless throughout the show." -Broadway World

"As the show’s director, Ken Urso, and its choreographer, Courtnie Mercer, mentioned in an interview with ArtScene SA, Mamma Mia! is really a party after all, and that’s how they approach the material.  Urso keeps all the performances bright and humorous." -ArtScene SA


“From opening note to the final chapter, the show was bursting with contagious energy. Under Ken Urso’s marvelous direction, the entire cast was extraordinary.” –Broadway World

 “From start to finish, Matilda is a complete delight.  The Public Theater production is letter perfect.  Ken Urso provides terrific direction for his supremely talented cast.” –ArtScene SA

Never the Sinner

"Interplayers Theatre's production of 'Never the Sinner,' a penetrating historical drama by John Logan, delivers strong performances and is well-choreographed by director Ken Urso."
-The Spokesman Review

"Urso's staging is simple, featuring an empty stage except for a few chairs and two tables on wheels, proving that less is more.  The movement of the actors is well-choreographed, and the action is accented by projections of authentic trial photos are portraits." -The Spokesman Review


Always... Patsy Cline

"Every aspect Swindley inteneds for the audience to grasp about the singer's life- her elegance, vulnerability, modestly, and remarkable talent- translate clearly through Nelson, under Ken Urso's direction." - The Spokesman Review

Director Ken Urso fittingly describes this show as a musical memoir.  Rather than recounting Cline's life story to its very last detail, Swindley's revue brilliantly manages to zero in on a particular relationship of the singer's life that is so special it encompasses everything about her." -The Spokesman Review


The Complete History of America Abridged

"The delightful and outrageous production of "The Complete History of America (Abridged)" is sure-fire fun.  Ken Urso keeps it all bright and fresh, with a breakneck pace and inventive staging.
-Wisconsin State Journal

"The script and the performances often combine beautifully to hold up a comically cracked mirror for us to reflect on our collective past." -Isthmus


The Producers

"Director and choreographer Ken Urso based much of the choreography on Susan Stroman's original choreography of the Broadway show. Combined with the capable and seemingly well-trained and well-rehearsed tap and Broadway dance skills of the cast leads and ensemble, the dance numbers are polished, punchy and well-integrated with the script." -Wisconsin State Journal

The cartoon-like smoothness (and fearlessness) with which the cast used their bodies -- especially Ingraham -- were a big part of why it was easy to forget you weren't watching a fancy big-city production. Some of the pratfalls were flat-out astonishing, and everyone's dance steps were spot-on, as well.  –Isthmus



 "From first glance to last peek, the production is visually stunning. A woman in the row behind me gasped at least three times… This production is eye candy from start to finish, and if you want to be razzle-dazzled, it will not disappoint." –Isthmus

"Director Ken Urso shapes the chaos, desperation and glamour of this story into a smart, fast-paced and deliciously entertaining production." -Wisconsin State Journal




"It is entertaining, clever and above all funny, thanks in large part to the pathetic positivity Urso brings to his character." - The Inlander

"Ken Urso is hilarious as Jules... his look and mannerisms are similar to Jim Parsons' portrayal of Sheldon on the TV show "The Big Bang Theory," but his spirit and lack of arrogance make him very likable."
-The Spokesman Review


The Rocky Horror Show

 "Most of us already know that the plot of this cult classic is secondary to the queen-like prancing of Frank-n-Furter (an excellent Ken Urso), that "sweet transvestite from transsexual Transylvania." Tossing lascivious looks at the young couple and sly winks at us, Urso channels the inimitable Tim Curry as well as a little "Cabaret" emcee (Urso's last role with Middleton Players)." – Wisconsin State Journal

"If for no other reason, go to see Ken Urso as Frank-n-Furter. The guy is great He maneuvers up and down the stairs in serious (7 inch plus) heels and never misses a step. I was holding my breath the whole time." – 77 Square

"Ken Urso is drag-tastic!" -Middleton Times Tribune


The Shape of Things

"Ken Urso gives a tough and venomous performance as Phillip, a nasty, shallow weasel of a character, of whom Adam says, "I wouldn't use his name and the word 'sweet' in the same short story." 
-Spokesman Review


"Ken Urso, appropriately slimy as a preppie slimeball, can't stand to lose an argument. We recognize the type: the domineering male who regards every conversation, especially with women, as a competition to be won.  Playing an ugly character, Urso still finds the intelligence and insecurity."-The Inlander


"Ken Urso (Phillip) brought a bombastic self-enthused caustic element into the mix that belied his slighter build and inflamed the relationships…all of these actors were outstanding." -Stonewall News